Friday, June 14, 2013

Pick-a-Palooza Design Strips-Custom Guitar Pick Maker Material-Make Your very own Picks

The new Pick-a-Palooza Design Strips by Equipt4 are without a doubt a fitting compliment to this one-of-a-kind custom guitar pick making tool. The Pick-a-Palooza, for the "under a rock crowd" here, is a little machine shaped like a stapler that punches out perfect personalized guitar picks from almost any kind of thin plastic with the simple squeeze of the handle.

The novelty of Equipt4's Pick-a-Palooza was originally to allow the user to make guitar picks from lapsed gift and bank cards. Through customer feedback, the Equipt4 team very quickly realized the "I'm over it" factor in this process. Customers were buying the Pick-a-Palooza, using it a couple times and then leaving it to gather dust. To a start-up company like Equipt4 this was unacceptable.

Pick-a-Palooza Designs Strips are the answer. The strips are custom made to fit perfectly in to the Pick-a-Palooza. As a result there is very little loss of the material. Every strip is roughly 2" x 5" and yields about 4 customized guitar picks. There are 15 assorted color strips in a package which allows the user to create 60 nearly flawless guitar picks. That's about 25 cents per pick.

The Equipt4 team envisions the Pick-a-Palooza as so much more than simply a cool device to create custom guitar picks from credit cards. With the appropriate material and accessories a simple guitar pick provides unlimited design possibilities. The Pick-a-Palooza Design Strips are only the start. Various variations of the device itself are on the way. Equipt4, Pick-a-Palooza, and Pick-a-Palooza Design Strips, check them out on Amazon and Google!

Pick-a-Palooza Design Strips!
-It's finally here! Exactly what every one's been waiting for. A reasonably priced item to compliment the Pick-a-Palooza. -15 strips of psychedelic colored pearloid ( authentic pick material!).-Punching out picks from credit cards and gift cards is fun ... for about 10 minutes, that usually is how long they last when playing your guitar-This brand new product from Equipt4, LLC creates a new realm of possibilities.-Aspiring guitar players will certainly be crazy about making one-of-a-kind picks to use and also give out to fans.

Add a little low-cost jewelry making accessories and adults and youngsters alike can easily spend hours designing customized necklaces, earrings, bracelets, the sky is the limit.-Package is composed of enough pearloid material in order to make about 60 guitar pick shaped pcs. That comes to somewhere around 25 cents/pcs.-Pearloid is approximately .71 mm thick. Ideal for this application.-We currently offer 5 really cool colors, and more are on the way!

Pick up a pack today and let the creative juices flow.-At Equipt4, LLC we actually use our products which is exactly why we can stand behind any product we sell 100 %. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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